Professional Property Inventories

An inventory is a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. An inventory normally contains timestamped photographs to accurately demonstrate condition.

Why should I have a professional inventory?

In order to deduct monies from a tenant's deposit you must be able to demonstrate changes beyond reasonable wear and tear at the end of the tenancy. The only way to do that is if an inventory was produced at the beginning of the tenancy. You cannot rely on things such as the images used to market the property or any verbal agreements. If you do not instruct an inventory then we cannot guarantee that you will have sufficient evidence should there be a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

Inventories are particularly important for furnished properties as the provide detailed information on the furniture provided to the tenant(s).

Inventory Price List

Size Ingoing Inventory
(Unfurnished / Furnished)
Outgoing Checkout
Bedroom Only (HMO) £45 (assumed furnished) £45
Studio/1 bedroom £78 / £86 £78
2 bedroom £92 / £100 £78
3 bedroom £106 / £118 £78
4 bedroom £119 / £146 £92
5 bedroom £147 / £169 £106
Please note: All prices include VAT. Ingoing inventories are charged when the tenant(s) move in, outgoing checkouts are charged when the tenant(s) move out. Unfurnished includes all kitchen appliances/white goods. For bedroom only (HMOs), the price includes any private en-suite bathroom. A small surcharge may apply for properties located outside our local area.