HMO Checklist

This checklist should prove useful in preparing your HMO property for the market. We can provide assistance in obtaining property certificates and preparing your property for the market where necessary.

Your property will require a HMO licence if;

  • five or more tenants live in the property and
  • these tenants are split into two or more unrelated ‘households’ or groups e.g. a couple and a family of three and
  • these tenants share facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen

A new licence condition also introduces minimum bedroom sizes for HMO properties;

  • for a child under 10 years of age - 4.64m²
  • for any single person over 10 years of age - 6.51m²
  • for two people - 10.22m²

Certificates/Safety Requirements

Non-Licensable HMO

  • Energy performance certificate (EPC)
  • Gas safety certificate (GSC)
  • Smoke alarms (one per habitable floor)
  • CO detectors (in any room containing a solid fuel burning appliance)
  • Selective landlord licence from local authority (not required if property requires a HMO licence)

Licensable HMO

In addition to the above;

  • HMO licence from local authority
  • Electrical installation condition report (EICR)
  • Portable appliance test certificate (PAT)
  • Fire alarm installation/service certificate
  • Emergency lighting installation/service certificate


  • Instructions on how to test the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems
  • Room door numbers present
  • Room keys present and hung in a lockable key cabinet (ideally a combination code lock)
  • Wheelie bins provided and labelled with the property address
  • Fire blanket in the kitchen(s)
  • Notice board erected by the main entrance door (minimum size of 120 cm x 90 cm)
  • Internet connection along with details of network name and password
  • Check WiFi reaches all rooms and communal areas of the property
  • Cleaning contract/schedule for communal areas
  • Program any heating timers/thermostats and check all radiators are working
  • Check all hot water outlets are working and there are no leaks (taps, showers, etc)