Tenant Fees

There's a lot of work involved in setting up and maintaining a tenancy but we work hard to keep our tenant fees to a minimum through continued investment in our agents and systems. The table below explains the fees you will encounter at the beginning of the tenancy and through to the end.

Service Explanation Price (inc. VAT)
Referencing/Application Fees Payable upon application to rent a property. Fees vary by property, see specific property for further details Variable
Manual Referencing Payable upon application to rent a property. Payable only when you require us to complete your application form by hand on your behalf. There is no charge when completing your application form yourself online £30 per applicant
Tenancy Agreement Renewal Payable at renewal. Not payable if tenancy is to become periodic, only if a new fixed term is agreed £35 if monthly rent is under £1,000
£50 if monthly rent is over £1,000
Checkout Payable at the end of the tenancy, usually out of your deposit. £60