Apply to Rent a Property

Thank you for your interest in renting a property through Atlas Estate Agents.

If you are unsure what room you would like then please just select any room. We can change your room at a later date if necessary.

Following your viewing, if you decide to proceed with the property, you will be thoroughly referenced by our referencing partner, Let Alliance. The referencing procedure will comprise of;

  • Credit check (covers adverse credit, CCJs, IVAs and bankruptcy)
  • Verification of your sources of income
  • Previous landlord(s) reference (if applicable)

If you feel that you may not pass our referencing checks then please provide more information in the 'Notes/Comments' section below. If you fail our referencing then depending on the circumstances we may still be able to proceed with the tenancy through the introduction of a guarantor or via payment of the rent in advance for the entirety of the fixed term.

Application Details

An approximate date at this stage is acceptable. An exact date will be confirmed if your application is accepted.
Please enter a number only. For example; for 12 months, just enter the number '12'.
Whilst we would prefer for you to view the property, it is not mandatory. We can still consider your application without a physical viewing.
If you have children, please provide further details (e.g. how many, age and sex)
If you have any pets, please provide further details (e.g. how many, type of animal, breed, age).
Please advise why you are looking to move into this property (e.g. current property too small, moving out of the family home).
Do you have anything that you'd like to add to your application?


We require the following information for each individual (tenant) to be named on the tenancy agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, any individual aged over 18 (excluding your children) must be named on the tenancy agreement.


Tenant Details #1

You must be able to prove you have declared this income. Include any Government benefits that you may receive.
For example; mechanic, hairdresser, butcher, etc.