Apply to Rent a Commercial Property

Thank you for your interest in renting a commercial property through Atlas Estate Agents.

Application Details

An approximate date at this stage is acceptable. The date will be confirmed if your application is accepted.


If the tenant is to be a company then you may be asked to provide a personal guarantee (act as guarantor) depending on the strength/age of the company. We will advise further on this after reviewing your application.


Tenant Details #1

If you don't own your home address but own another property/properties then please indicate the address(es) in the notes below.

Tenant Company Details #1

For example, Joe Bloggs Limited or Joe Bloggs LLP
For example, Joe Bloggs Mechanics
Only required if your company is registered with Companies House
Only required if your company is VAT registered

Please complete the following for fields our best contact within your company.


Business Details

Please enter '0' if your company is less than 1 year old
For example; electrical wholesaler, hair salon, etc
If your business is not a start-up, please enter your business address history for the past 3 years. For each address, please include the approximate date you moved into the address and the corresponding landlord/agent contact details (full name, phone number and email address) so that we can obtain a landlord reference. If your business has multiple branches/offices then please contact us to discuss further.

Solicitor Details

If a solicitor will be acting on your behalf, please enter their details below. If you are not using a solicitor, please leave this section blank.

Bank Details

Please enter the bank account details of the bank account that you would like the rent to be paid from in the future. You can change your bank details in the future if necessary. We will not use your bank details for any purpose other than to setup a standing order to pay the rent should your application be successful. You will be required to sign a standing order mandate with us before we can setup any standing order to come out of your bank account.

Anything to Add?

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Agency Fees

The agency fees for this property are;

You will only be required to pay the agency fees if your application is successful.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash, debit/credit cards or cheques. Our agency fees are non-refundable should you fail referencing or decide not to proceed with the tenancy, more information can be found by clicking here (opens in new window).