Struggling to Sell Your Property?

Even the best estate agent can sometimes struggle to sell a property for reasons often outside of their control. There are many external factors that affect the sale of a property including;

  • Market conditions
  • Time of the year (busy selling periods tend to be spring and autumn)
  • Availability of finance (e.g. lenders being more cautious, not offering high loan to value ratios)
  • Cost of finance (this is generally linked to the Bank of England base rate)
  • Government incentives/disincentives (e.g. Help to Buy scheme, changes to taxation, policies designed to stunt landlords expanding their portfolios)
  • State of the economy (economic growth creates a feel good factor that boosts the housing market)

Your Options

If you're struggling to sell your property then there are options available that can significantly increase your chances of selling!

Price Reduction

You can have as many property professionals as you like value a property using a variety of tried and tested valuation methods but ultimately the market (buyers) will decide what it's worth. Estate agents can often over value a property in an effort to win the instruction with the intention of then reducing it later on. We backup all of our valuations with similar comparables but for other agents that's not always the case. If you reduce your asking price by more than 2% then you will also benefit from the property portals (Rightmove and Zoopla) emailing their massive database of buyers who have property alerts setup where your property matches their requirements. The property will also be highlighted as 'Reduced' which again helps to attract interest by moving the listing to the top of the search results page. Price reductions are probably the most powerful tool available when looking to find a buyer.

Review the Competition

There will more than likely be properties very similar to yours in the local area that are up for sale. Use a property portal such as Rightmove or Zoopla to search for similar properties and compare them on price, size and overall presentation. This is exactly the process your potential buyers will follow so it's important that your property appears to offer good value for money.

Featured/Premium Listing

Property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla allow agents to pay to increase the visibility of a particular property. For example, the property can appear at the top of the property search results page and will also be highlighted to increase visibility. Pricing can vary so please contact us to discuss further.


Selling your property via auction is a quick and easy alternative to selling your property on the general market through an estate agent. Once the hammer falls on auction day, the sale exchanges and the buyer usually has four weeks to complete on the sale. As a general rule of thumb, properties generally sell for less than they would on the general market but not always as bidding wars often occur resulting in a higher price than you may have achieved otherwise! You can also set a reserve price on your property meaning it cannot sell for less than you'd be willing to accept. We have partnerships with several major local and national auction houses and can take care of all paperwork as well as allowing you to benefit from a reduced auction sales fee.


Renting your property out can often be a viable option if you are unable to sell it. The rental income can often exceed any mortgage payment and associated costs allowing you to potentially make a monthly profit! We have a dedicated lettings department who can offer you a free lettings appraisal and answer any questions you may have.

Virtual Tour

If you have previously declined a virtual tour then you may wish to reconsider your decision. Virtual tours are a proven marketing tool and are highly effective in attracting buyers that may not be able to physically view the property.

'For Sale' Board

If you have previously declined a 'for sale' board then you may wish to reconsider your decision. 'For Sale' boards are a proven marketing tool and are highly effective in attracting buyers that may not be active online.

No Chain

If selling your property relies on you purchasing another property at the same time then this means a 'chain' has been created. This can deter potential buyers, especially first time buyers. 'Chain free' properties tend to sell quicker and easier and if there's a way for you to 'break the chain' (e.g. rent a property in the short term or move in with family/friends) then we highly recommend it.

Floor Plan

Potential buyers may discount your property without even bothering to view it. A floor plan helps buyers visualise the size and layout of rooms much easier than relying on images/descriptions alone. Pricing can vary so please contact us to discuss further.

Multiple/Dual Estate Agents

Unless your estate agent is providing poor service and not marketing your property extensively then we do not normally recommend instructing a second estate agent. If you operate on a multi/dual estate agent basis then the sales fee tends to increase and it can also make you appear desperate to potential buyers.

Arrange a Valuation